Chiropractic, Health, Wellbeing & Life Expression

We are a chiropractic centre that cares and adjusts individuals, families, children, pregnant mums and athletes. We are situated opposite Orewa beach, have a child friendly practice with easy parking. Our goal is to improve the function and quality of life in our community, and in doing so we acknowledge that you are a self healing, self regulating organism who is constantly adapting to your environment.

We provide our people with exceptional chiropractic care, through the detection, correction and prevention of nerve interference which enables you to participate more fully in all stages of life.


Victoria Te Rito


In my early 20's while living in Sydney working in hospitality, with a recently completed diploma in massage I applied for a position at a chiropractic office. It was life changing, I learnt about health, where it comes from and appreciate that it is involves a active life long process. I threw away the massage oil enrolled in chiropractic school gaining my Masters degree at Macquarie University. I have been adjusted regularly for the last 20 plus years and gratefully get to interact and adjust people of all ages witnessing first hand the simplicity safety and effectiveness of chiropractic care. I enjoy coaching team sport, value family, have 2 pretty cool children with my life partner Nick.   I enjoy been active and currently learning the beauty of composting and worms.

I look forward to welcoming you to our centre soon.



Chiropractic Assistant

I’m the friendly voice at the other end of the phone who answers your calls, and welcomes you each time you enter our  busy and efficient practice.

Like most Mums I wear many different hats (often more than one at a time)! Mum, Wife, Receptionist and CrossFitter are just a few. I believe that it is vitally important to nurture & nourish yourself so that you can give the very best to your children, your family & all the other things you have going on in your life. To me-chiropractic care is essential to maintaining health and allowing your body to be the best it can be.

I feel very privileged to be working with Victoria and Ali and seeing the changes in our clients first hand –  the results are amazing!  If you are seeking better health and vitality – call us today!


Ali Brooker


I grew up in Sydney before moving to Europe to pursue a career as a professional classical ballet dancer. During this time I developed an understanding of the connection between your mind and body and began seeking out ways to better improve physical performance.

 I've worked alongside many chiropractors (including Victoria!) in Australia, New Zealand and South America before completing my own studies. I've also involved myself in extra-curricular education in Sacro-Occipital Technique, pregnancy and paediatric care. Very happy to have now returned to the Auckland region after working in Wellington and enjoying being part of the Hibiscus Coast community.

I still have a keen interest in dance and travel as well as helping people to get the most out of life through improved health.


Our Approach

Chiropractic at Orewa Family Chiropractic has a "you" centred approach, we give you choices in the ways you can use our services ensuring you are receiving the highest quality chiropractic care.  We also offer individual and family rates depending on your goals and needs.

People come to see us for 4 main reasons…

  1. To relieve a problem (aches, pain, illness or dysfunction)
  2. To correct the underlying cause of a chronic health problem
  3. To prevent the reoccurrence of a problem
  4. To optimize their function (and function of all members of the family) as part of their healthy lifestyle

Whatever the reason, you are in charge of your health. 

If you have any questions, please contact us, and we will
do our best to help.

Call us on (09) 426 5467 or 021 024 65642